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General Documents
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AWES_Membership agreement 2020-2021
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AWES Recommended Practise for the Qualification of Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC)
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AWES Recommended Practice_extract for the website
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AWES Flyer_Final
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AWES CCL TEC_Abstract_Recommended Practice_
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Accommodation San Antonio, TX
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Abstract AWES DIG RPv2
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Abstract AWES DIG RP
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2019-10_AWES Flyer_Protector Clamps_Final
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2019-10_AWES Flyer_FRAC_Final
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2019-10_AWES Flyer_elastomers_Final
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2019-10_AWES Flyer_Dissolvable Materials_Overviewv.2
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2019-10-14_AWES_Multiphase Flow Testing_Extract
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2017-12-01_RP-3362-AWES-FP-MAIN - MASTER_Abstract
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2017-12-01_RP-3362-AWES-CL-MAIN - MASTER_Abstract
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2017-04-06_RP 3362 AWES ICD Final
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2017-04-06_Abstract - RP-3362-AWES-ICD-Final
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2017 Operators event invitation
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2016-07-01_CCL-Tubing Encased Fiber Cable_RP_Extract-Final
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2015-10_AWES Intro Slide Pack
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2015-07-01_An Introduction to AWES
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2014-10-01_AWES Recommended Practice_extract for the website
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2011-04-01_AWES Competition Law Compliance
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