AWES is open to all oil companies, completion vendors, equipment vendors, research institutes and universities. It now has a membership of 25+ organisations that meet regularly in Europe and the USA as well as holding regular WebEx’s.

Terms and conditions are contained in the membership proposal. Companies interested in joining the AWES JIP should complete the application form located at the back of the membership proposal and send it to Dawn Dukes, OTM Networks.

Annual membership fees are charged at the flat rate of £5,125 per annum with membership running from 1st September to 31st August. There is a one-off joining fee of £1,250.

What is included in the membership?

  • Participation in ALL running groups:
    • Encapsulation (ENCAP)
    • Degradable Materials (DM)
    • Multiphase Flow Testing (MFT)
  • The member company can have a maximum of 5 people participating at each meetings (however participants need to be spread across different WGs)
  • Dependant on hosts AWES has up to three meetings per year with two meetings per year guaranteed
  • There is no limit on how many people from a member company can participate in AWES WebEx meetings and online discussions
  • There is no limit on how many representatives from a member company can access AWES documents
  • All AWES documents including previously published and completed documents are available to AWES members at any time and can be accessed through AWES website or through request to AWES PM or administrator
  • Any number of employees of the member companies can get access to RPs under development and already published documents
  • There are no other costs to participation in AWES meetings/Work Groups and to document access